Flower Care

Want to know how to take care of your BOKAY™? Check out our instructions below. Any questions? Email happy@bokay.com

Flower Care Instructions

1) Remove your custom flower arrangement from its wrapping

2) Add cool water to your chosen custom vase

3) Cut stems at a 45 degree angle

4) Remove leaves that fall below the water line in the vase

5) Change the water in your vase daily

6) Post about your BOKAY™ on social media and make sure to tag us! Our handle on Instagram and Facebook is @bokay.co and use the hashtag #bokay

Tips and Tricks

1) Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight and heat as not to burn them, they love cooler environments!

2) Keep your flowers away from bowls of fruit (we're not kidding!)

3) Add flower food to your vase to keep the flowers looking fresh! To make your own, combine 3 tbsp of sugar and 2 tbsp of white vinegar per quart of water

4) Fill your vase with warm water, not cold - flowers tend to drink warm water more efficiently

5) If your vase becomes cloudy, empty and refill with water, and don't forget to recut your stems by about a half an inch

6) Did you order lilies? Don't forget to remove the pollen, it may stain any fabric it touches!

Fresh Cut Rose Care

When you order roses from BOKAY (not in an arrangement), you may need to give them a little bit of love before enjoying! For longevity, roses are shipped in sleeves from the farm and require some preparation. Whenever possible, we try to remove thorns on the stems. But please be very careful because some thorns may remain on the rose stem. Before cutting the stems at an angle, don’t forget to de-thorn your roses very carefully - using the instructions below!

Get out your Water Vessel Clean a water vessel or container out with hot, soapy water so your roses are resting in clean water. Add warm water to your bucket and add your flower food! Don’t skip this step :)

Unpack Wholesale Roses Our wholesale roses are packed in bunches of 25 stems. You’ll then remove the plastic wrapping (if present) and be careful of the rose thorns!

Clean and De-Thorn Roses Clean out your sink with soap and water to remove any bacteria. Fill your clean sink with warm water and enough water where you will be able to cut your flowers under the water! Pick a rose to start with and begin removing the lower leaves (when we say the lower leaves, we mean any leaves that aren’t touching the head of the rose).To start the de-thorning process, you can use your fingers (carefully), a gardening sheer, or a tool called a thorn stripper. Your goal is to not damage the stem of the rose! If you’d prefer to use your fingers, simply push the side of the thorn to remove it from the stem. Gardening gloves recommended.

Remove Guard Petals Sometimes, the outer layer of rose petals takes the brunt of travel. You may see they look wilted or damaged. Have no fear! This is completely normal and expected. We call these “guard petals” and they do just that; guard the rest of the rose from damage. Simply remove the guard petals by pinching the bottom of the petal and removing it from the head of the rose.

Trim Rose Stems Remember when we said to fill your sink with warm water? Bring your roses back to the sink and put them in the water. You can now cut the stems at the 45 degree angle under water with sheers or sharp scissors, being careful not to pinch the stems. Then, put your flowers in your prepared flower bucket.

Hydrate and Open Once you’ve finished prepping your roses, move the bucket of roses into a cool room away from direct sunlight. An extra step you can take is to spray the rose heads with a spray bottle to keep them hydrated! Expect to let your roses drink as much as they’d like, most likely overnight, if not longer! We hope you enjoy!

Peony Care

Peonies are gorgeous flowers that also take a little bit of time for their full bloom to be enjoyed. When you receive peonies, they may come in ball form, which is totally normal! After unboxing your peonies, trim the ends about a 1/4 of an inch with floral scissors so they can drink the cool water you've put into your vase!

How peonies arrive
Half way open
In full bloom

Dried Flower Care Only

The best rule of thumb when it comes to dried flowers is to NOT water them or place them in direct sunlight. Dried florals are designed to last longer in environments not typically suited for freshly-cut blooms, like dry and dark rooms. When your dried flowers arrive, lightly fluff the stems and place them in an opaque vase to create a wonderful display that will last for weeks to come. Bring color to every corner of your home with Dried Flowers today!