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Black Amaranth Vase
25 Gorgeous Roses - Lavender
from $70.00
Red Pink Lavender Vibrant
50 Stunning Roses
from $110.00
Candy Skies
from $79.00
Flower Fields
from $79.00
No Vase
Navy Amaranth Vase
25 Gorgeous Roses - Pink
from $70.00

From our customers


"The BOKAY was BEAUTIFUL! One of my faves for sure!"

Caroline K
Atlanta, GA

"I had the best time creating my own personalized arrangement through BOKAY! The process was fun and the flowers were gorgeous and perfectly arranged when they arrived!"

Lisa A
Centreville, VA

"I absolutely loved being able to create my own custom flower arrangement, the flowers were fresh, came packaged very nicely and smelled amazing! The color and flower varieties they offered within the builder are great!"

Kelsey P
Montpelier, VT

"I loved being able to create my own BOKAY! The website was easy to use and going back and forth in the builder seeing all the different flower options was helpful. The color choices and flower choices were great as well. The checkout process was easy and the delivery was right on time. The flowers were fresh, well packed and lasted for a long time."

Pam P
Moretown, VT

ο»Ώ"BOKAY was a wonderful experience! Getting to truly preview my unique bouquet and actually receiving what I picked out was fantastic! Will certainly order again."

Brent S
Alpharetta, GA

"I was blown away when I received my BOKAY. The flowers were the freshest flowers I had ever received in my life! It made me not want to shop anywhere else for flowers ever again. The vase is beautiful and the packaging was perfect! It was the best way to celebrate my birthday!"

Michelle M
Savannah, GA

"I love my BOKAY! It was so fun to customize my flowers, and they arrived packaged perfectly. The flowers are absolutely beautiful. Customer service was excellent as well."

Natalie H
Los Angeles, CA

Happy+Honest Guarantee

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy either. Choose a free replacement BOKAYβ„’ or your money back within 7 days of your delivery. And if we made a mistake, we'll own up to it and make things right!

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