Flower Meanings

While we believe flowers can mean anything you want them to, or just be beautiful, here are some of the classic meanings of popular flowers! Click the flowers below to get started on building your own arrangement.

Red Rose

Meaning: romantic love

Pink Rose

Meaning: sweetness, joy

Orange Rose

Meaning: passion

White Rose

Meaning: respect, purity

Hot Pink Rose

Meaning: thankfulness

Lavender Rose

Meaning: adoration

Dark Pink Daisy

Meaning: gratitude

Orange Daisy

Meaning: warmth, friendship

White Daisy

Meaning: purity, innocence

Pink Daisy

Meaning: admiration

Yellow Daisy

Meaning: friendship

Red Daisy

Meaning: romantic love

Hot Pink Carnation

Meaning: gratitude

Yellow Carnation

Meaning: new beginnings

White Carnation

Meaning: purity, luck

Orange Carnation

Meaning: expression

Red Carnation

Meaning: deep love


Meaning: joy, bliss

Blue Thistle

Meaning: determination

Babies Breath

Meaning: sincerity

Orange Lily

Meaning: confidence

Yellow Lily

Meaning: enjoyment

Pink Oriental Lily

Meaning: youthful, vigor

White Oriental Lily

Meaning: innocence


Meaning: happy

White Cremon

Meaning: optimism

Yellow Cremon

Meaning: joy, happiness

Lavender Cremon

Meaning: longevity, fidelity

Purple Cremon

Meaning: positive energy

Red Alstroemeria

Meaning: playfulness

White Alstroemeria

Meaning: pure friendship

Yellow Alstroemeria

Meaning: energy, joy

Orange Alstroemeria

Meaning: positive energy

Pink Alstroemeria

Meaning: gentle feelings

Fuchsia Alstroemeria

Meaning: elegance

Bells of Ireland

Meaning: good luck

White Mini Carnation

Meaning: purity, luck

Red Mini Carnation

Meaning: affection

H.Pink Mini Carnation

Meaning: gratitude

Pink Mini Carnations

Meaning: appreciation

Yellow M. Carnation

Meaning: new beginnings

Purple Mini Carnation

Meaning: spontaneous

White Mini Calla Lily

Meaning: faithfulness

Yellow Mini Calla Lily

Meaning: gratitude

Orange Mini Calla Lily

Meaning: confidence

Purple Mini Calla Lily

Meaning: passion

Pink Mini Calla Lily

Meaning: admiration

Dendrobium Orchid

Meaning: tenderness

White Dendro Orchid

Meaning: reverence

Red Spray Rose

Meaning: romantic love

White Spray Rose

Meaning: respect

Yellow Spray Rose

Meaning: care, friendship

Orange Spray Rose

Meaning: enthusiasm

Pink Spray Rose

Meaning: sweetness, joy

Hot Pink Spray Rose

Meaning: thankfulness

Purple Statice

Meaning: success


Meaning: good health

Wax Flower

Meaning: lasting love


Meaning: unique

Purple Pom

Meaning: well wishes

White Pom

Meaning: innocence

Lavender Pom

Meaning: feel your best

Green Pom

Meaning: rebirth

Yellow Pom

Meaning: celebration