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What is BOKAY?

Founded by a fourth-generation florist, BOKAY™ was created to give you complete control of your flower arrangements by letting you pick every aspect from the flowers and greens to the colors and vase! 

There’s no collection of pre-made arrangements and no questionnaire to try to match your style. Plus, we have honest pricing, so you only pay for what you create and order based on your selections. 

Whether you design something whimsical or traditional, vibrant or subdued, or a completely new combination no one’s ever made, each design is your vision brought to life. Plus, with BOKAY™, what you order is actually what you get. Made with farm-fresh flowers from around the world, your BOKAY™ is assembled by hand with care in the U.S.  — then delivered to your recipient with love.

As a florist, BOKAY’s founder Kevin McCarthy realized there were two main problems plaguing the flower industry today.


Flowers have lost their personal touch.

Everyone loves flowers, but each person is unique. Everyone has their own style, preferences, and tastes. Why should the flowers you send to someone special be pre-made and the same as one sent to thousands of others? Your recipient is unique and their flower arrangement should be too.


Enter BOKAY™. Instead of trying to search an online catalog looking for flowers that you hope someone will like, BOKAY™ lets you design flowers specifically for the person you're sending them to. Does she love pink but hate purple? Does he like roses but can’t stand sunflowers? We make it simple - you create the design uniquely for your recipient and they’ll know you took the time and effort to make something special just for them!


What your order is not what you get.

After scrolling through hundreds of options online, you finally find an arrangement that you like. The vase, the colors, the flowers — they all look pretty nice. The price isn’t too bad either. You place your order. It arrives soon, but you don’t see a picture of the finished product before the flowers are delivered to your recipient. Then when the arrangement arrives, it looks nothing like what you ordered. You’re disappointed and so are they. When you order from hundreds of pre-made choices online, you rarely know what you’re actually going to get.


At BOKAY™, we think there’s a better way. What you order is what you get. We carry thousands of the freshest stems from around the world. If for some reason the flower you selected isn’t available or doesn’t meet our standards, we’ll let you know and offer a substitute - or your money back. We believe you should get exactly what you pay for and what you design.

What is BOKAY?

Who is behind BOKAY?

Kevin R. McCarthy
Founder + CEO aka “The Big Cheese"

Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Kevin is a fourth generation florist and retailer. He is an experienced C-level executive and investor who loves to take on new challenges. Kevin created BOKAY™ to deliver love through one-of-a-kind floral arrangements, and he executes the company’s mission while overseeing all operations. Kevin and his wife, Julianna, live in Atlanta, Georgia, with their children. He hopes to reshape the flower industry by offering fully personalized flower arrangements through a fun and honest experience.

Julianna McCarthy Co-Founder aka “The Brains"

Atlanta native Julianna McCarthy is a self-proclaimed "font snob" and wordsmith extraordinaire. She graduated with her degree in English from the University of Georgia, and has spent years cultivating a passion for flowers and marketing. She loves inspiring others through the beauty of flowers.

Meghan McCarthy Co-Founder aka “The Wunderkind"

Meghan grew up learning about the floral business by working with her family in flower shops. For the past six years, she has built a name for herself in the entertainment world as a social media influencer. During her senior year of college, she began making comedic videos on Vine and grew her following to more than 3 million fans and billions of views. She’s continued to gain an audience across social platforms including her more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Meghan has also starred in comedic web series and been the voice of cuddly characters. While continuing her acting career, Meghan uses her marketing savvy and expertise to showcase BOKAY™.

Kelsey Price Project Manager aka “The Mover and Shaker"

Kelsey Price is the lead project manager of BOKAY™. Her background is in web development and digital marketing. She earned her bachelor’s degree in business from Lyndon State College in Vermont and went on to receive her M.B.A. from Johnson and Wales University. Her love of flowers came from a previous position with a national florist, and she’s excited to give customers the freedom and personalization of ordering flowers!