Flowers for Emotional Health

Flowers are beautiful, yes. They’re a great home decor accent, they smell lovely and they elevate a space like no other! But flowers also trigger an emotional response! If you’re feeling down, or want to keep your happy times rolling, flowers may be just the ticket!

Flowers for Emotional Health

Recent studies have shown that flowers are natural moderators of moods - it’s been proven that flowers have a lasting effect and provide instant happiness! When people receive flower arrangements, they’re thankful, excited and thrilled which immediately improves their mood. This also helps improve anxiety symptoms, depression symptoms and feelings of sadness.

Something else we love about flowers is they help form connections between the people sending flowers and the people receiving them! Whether it’s a flower arrangement for an anniversary to celebrate love, or thank you flowers being sent to a best friend, or Mother’s Day flowers being sent, flowers help form deeper connections and relationships. A win-win!

Flowers have also been known to be a symbol of sharing. When you visit someone's house as a guest, do you ever notice flowers in the common spaces? Or perhaps in the powder room? Or even in the guest bedroom! Flowers create such a welcoming space so if you’re looking to elevate your home for guests, flowers are the way to go!

Here are a few of our favorite BOKAY’s that have the meaning of happiness, excitement and joy (click to view in the builder!). All Green Hues, Beauty in Hues, and Plentiful Pinks:

All Green Hues - customizable flower arrangementBeauty in Hues - customizable flowers - BOKAYPlentiful Pinks - customizable flower arrangements - BOKAY

Don’t forget to use our builder to build your own flower arrangement, send to someone who would love receiving flowers as much as you love sending them!