• Flowers for Emotional Health

    Flowers for Emotional Health

    Flowers are beautiful, yes. They’re a great home decor accent, they smell lovely and they elevate a space like no other! But flowers also trigger an emotional response! If you’re feeling down, or want to keep your happy times rolling, flowers may be just the ticket! Flowers for Emotional Health Recent studies have shown that flowers are natural moderators of moods - it’s been...
  • Celebrities and Their Favorite Flowers

    Celebrities and Their Favorite Flowers

    Ok, here’s some fun trivia for you: what do you think of when you think of roses? Or peonies? Or hydrangeas? Do you think of celebrities? We didn’t either until we realized that some of our favorite celebs love flowers as much as we do! We were surprised at some of the fav’s these celebrities picked, check them out below: CELEBRITIES AND THEIR FAVORITE...
  • Flowers for Good Health

    Flowers for Good Health

    We all love flowers and plants because they’re beautiful, they make our spaces smell nice, and they’re definitely nice to look at! But did you know that some flowers may even help us feel better? We know, crazy, right? We love learning about flowers, and what people think they can help with - so let’s dive in to a few of the most popular...
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