Flowers for Good Health

We all love flowers and plants because they’re beautiful, they make our spaces smell nice, and they’re definitely nice to look at! But did you know that some flowers may even help us feel better? We know, crazy, right? We love learning about flowers, and what people think they can help with - so let’s dive in to a few of the most popular flowers that may help promote good health.



Having trouble sleeping, or staying asleep? Incorporate lavender into your day! Whether it’s in a tea form, an essential oil, or a lotion, lavender can assist with your sleep cycle.


Jasmine is known to assist with anxiety, and sleep deprivation 

Gerbera Daisies

Daisies can be used as a calming agent, and can also help improve the air quality in your home!

Gerbera Daisy - build your own flower arrangement - BOKAY


You’ve probably heard of this being a popular tea, and you’re correct! Similar to Jasmine, it helps get you to sleep and also helps with digestion! 

Rose Petals

Nip your cold right in the bud with roses, as they’re packed with vitamin C! They’re an anti-inflammatory remedy too so they can help your achy joints or muscles!

Lavender rose - build your own flower arrangement - BOKAY


This flower is used for a variety of healing remedies: stress relief, insomnia, anxiety and even helps with emotional conditions!

Aloe Vera

Did you spend a little too much time in the sunshine over the weekend? Have no fear, aloe vera contains a clear gel that acts as an anti-inflammatory. 

Spider Plant & Snake Plant

These two popular house plants are great air purifiers! 

Don’t hesitate to chat with us or email us! And don’t forget to use gerbera daisies when you’re building your next flower arrangement with BOKAY! 

*The statements above are opinions only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or care. If you are experiencing any medical conditions, contact a doctor or emergency services.