Celebrities and Their Favorite Flowers

Ok, here’s some fun trivia for you: what do you think of when you think of roses? Or peonies? Or hydrangeas? Do you think of celebrities? We didn’t either until we realized that some of our favorite celebs love flowers as much as we do! We were surprised at some of the fav’s these celebrities picked, check them out below:


Audrey Hepburn - Tulips

Tulips are known to signify love and deep affection. So we’re NOT surprised that tulips are Audrey Hepburn’s favorite flower! She loved a variety of different flowers and loved to garden! In fact, word has it that a species of tulip was actually named after her! 

Michelle Obama - Hydrangeas and Pink Roses

Pink roses are known for sweetness and joy, they’re such a delight to have around the home as decor and Michelle Obama couldn’t agree more! Her other favorite flower is the hydrangea, a stunning cone shaped stem with petals signifying grace and abundance - and nothing saying the former first lady like grace. Check out our arrangement, "Sophistication + Grace" below.

Favorite flowers of Michelle Obama - BOKAY

Morrissey (of the Smiths) - Gladiolas and Daffodils

This musician was known for carrying a bouquet of gladiolas and daffodils on stage before each show! Gladiolas are symbolic for strength and pride and daffodils are known for their meaning of new beginnings. And as time went on, his fans would reciprocate his love of flowers by throwing numerous amounts on stage as his show went on!  

Jennifer Lopez - White Roses and Lilies

J Lo - the pop sensation we all know and love! Her favorite flowers include white roses (meaning purity) and lilies (meaning confidence and vigor) - she exudes confidence and is a role model for people all over the world!

Michael Jackson - Sunflowers

Sunflowers signify happiness and healing. Michael Jackson loved sunflowers during his lifetime and even called them “the happy flower” because that’s exactly what he saw when he looked at them! Happiness! Don't forget to view our "Sunshine in Sunflowers" arrangement featuring these beautiful blooms, here:

sunshine in sunflowers - bokay flower arrangement

Anne Hathaway - Anemones 

Kind, sweet and stunning Anne Hathaway - her favorite flowers are anemones. And if you haven’t seen one of these flowers yet, don’t miss out! They’re meaning is all about relaxation - they range in color but the most popular type of anemone is a white flower with a blue center, mostly used in specialty bouquets or for weddings! Anne has amazing taste, we love the Anemone!  

Katy Perry - Peonies

Another stunning flower to go along with a stunning pop star! Katy Perry has amazing taste in flowers, the peony is one of the most sought after stems with it’s huge beautiful petals. They range in a variety of different colors and they signify prosperity, love and honor.

Angelina Jolie - Orchids

You don’t hear about orchids very often, they’re beautiful and oh so great to look at. Angelina Jolia thinks so too! Orchids have a meaning of beauty, thoughtfulness and tenderness. Orchids can be their own plant or a stem in an arrangement. Either way, they’re a great addition to any home!