BOKAY Goes Carbon Neutral

BOKAY Goes Carbon Neutral


What’s better than sending flowers? Sending flowers the carbon neutral way? We agree! One of the most important topics to us is sustainability. We believe in helping to save the planet as much as we can! So, when you ship flowers through BOKAY, we pay a fee on every order we get from our website that goes towards carbon removal and ensures that your order ships carbon neutral. Plus, it costs you nothing! 

How do we ship flowers to you carbon neutral? We use an app called Planet. Planet is dedicated to the Earth and how to preserve it as best they can. They collect a fee that BOKAY pays for every order we ship and contributes those funds to some of the most promising climate solutions on Earth. According to Planet, “All of this money goes toward carbon removal and ensures that your shipping is carbon neutral.” Planet calculates the fee BOKAY pays per order using shipping distance, package weight, and mode of transportation. Each of these factors makes a big impact on offsetting carbon emissions and helping provide eco-friendly flower delivery.

So when you order an arrangement of flowers from BOKAY, you can be sure you’re contributing to helping the planet too. Thank you for your order, and thank you for thinking of Earth!

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