5 Reasons to Buy Flowers

So, you’re wondering why you should buy flowers! We’re pretty biased but we’ll give you a few of our top reasons why you should buy flowers, and also provide a few flower arrangement options available to you on our website! Because who doesn’t love options, right?

5 Reasons to Buy Flowers

1) To celebrate a special occasion

Birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, the purchase of a new home, thank you’s, condolences, even “just because”, these are all wonderful reasons to send flowers! Sending flowers is such a personal gift and makes someone feel special and taken care of. The smile on your recipient's face will light up the whole room, making your purchase 100% worth it. 

2) To decorate your home

Making your home feel warm, welcoming and cozy isn’t an easy task, but with your expert design skills and our stunning florals, you’ll have a space everyone will be talking about! 

3) To make someone smile

Sending flowers for a special occasion is a perfect way to celebrate, but what about sending flowers just to make someone smile? Order an arrangement, add on a custom greeting card and have your flowers shipped within a couple days to brighten your recipients day!

4) To boost creativity

Did you know that flowers spark creativity and innovative thoughts? Studies have shown that working in a space that has fresh flowers in it can spark your creative process to help you come up with new, exciting ideas! 

5) To treat yourself

Why not treat yourself? When you send yourself flowers, you’re saying “I deserve these and I’ve worked hard for these” and we couldn’t agree more! Design something you absolutely love using our build your own flower arrangement tool and put a smile on your face and enjoy fresh blooms in your home.